Get organized and download these important documents and resources!

Promotion & Registration

Once you submit your registration to the Heatwave Conference, use these forms to help get your group ready & organized.

Heatwave 2016 Brochure Template
This pack contains the front & back images you can use to make your own brochure to promote Heatwave to your students and families.

YFC Parental Consent and Release Form
You may use this form as-is, or copy it into your existing registration form.

Parent & Student Communication

You can use these documents as a template for communicating with your students and families. These are simply a reference for you to use, feel free to edit or change these to best suit your delegation.

Sample Trip Letter
Many delegations send out a letter to parents and students a few weeks prior to the trip with important information and details. You can use this letter as a template to get started.

Sample Packing List
A guide to help your students and leaders be prepared.